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"Lori Jakiela is the queen of the wise one-liner. Fiercely sad and heartbreakingly funny."
-- Stewart O'Nan, author of WEST OF SUNSET, EMILY ALONE and more

"It is said that we see the world we are looking for – Jakiela sees human kindness and human folly in equal measure, and describes all of it vividly, poignantly, and with a brilliant sense of humor." ~ Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic & Desire and more

"I could throw a rock in just about any direction and hit a good writer. The hard part is finding the special ones, the writers who make us laugh, then cry and who make us feel like they're in our heads. Lori Jakiela is one of the special ones, and with Portrait of the Artist as a Bingo Worker, she reminds us why, essay by essay, sentence by sentence. She writes from the heart, she's fearless and funny, and her love for her family and her craft leap off the page." -- Ben Tanzer, author of BE COOL and more

''I am a big fan of Jakiela's writing, and Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe has all of her gifts on full display. This memoir is sharp, insightful, sad, and often darkly funny. Her prose is honed to perfection, sure, but it really is her big heart and her wisdom about the stupid, terribly imperfect, and beautiful world that makes me want to read anything she writes.'' -- Greg Bottoms, author of ANGELHEAD, PITIFUL CRIMINALS and more