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Atticus Books, Summer 2015


Portrait of the Artist as a Bingo Worker
""Lori Jakielaís Portrait of the Artist as a Bingo Worker is a hilarious, working-class hero of an essay collection. Itís full of mall employees, flight attendants, working mothers, struggling writers, loving daughters, and adopted children, who all end up being one person named Lori Jakiela. A book of many masks, it proves the saying: there is no such thing as an ordinary life." -- Scott McClanahan, author of The Sarah Book, Crapalachia and more

Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe
"Jakiela is a master at weaving past and present together; at creating a seamless picture between who she was, who she has become, and who she does not remember--the self that she cannot grasp. Her memoir is like a recipe: "a proof of an exchange, a transaction between generations" Imbued with raw feelings of love and doubt, Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe is an unforgettable story from the first page to the last." -- JMWW

The Bridge to Take When Things Get Serious
"Lori Jakiela is the queen of the wise one-liner. Fiercely sad and heartbreakingly funny, The Bridge to Take When Things Get Serious is about the mystery of the people closest to us-how they drive us crazy and why we need them so much."
--Stewart O'Nan, author of The Odds

Miss New York Has Everything
"Don't let the smiling stewardess on the cover fool you: Jakiela's memoir has more in common with Chuck Klosterman than Coffee, Tea or Me?"
--Publishers Weekly

Spot the Terrorist!
"Terrific poems by a true airline survivor. Full of humor and heart." -- Stephen Slater, legendary flight attendant


"Adoptees look out at the world from the eyes of what was lost. We can't help it, but we can transform it. Lori Jakiela's new memoir -- Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe -- is a beautifully written journey into one woman's process of letting go of what was lost, and the messy dignity of human transformation. Her story is one of life, of reaching for life. With a deep gift for storytelling and unsparing, beautifully gritty self-examination, she brings the reader on the harrowing journey with her. It's an important ride, and an important book." singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier
"Lori Jakiela's painfully funny memoir is so good you'll wonder why the author isn't the literary toast of the entire country by now."
--The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
"A marvel of a memoir... brims with both small-town heart and big-city sophistication."
--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Jakiela's poems read like factory guys doing shots after the foreman's funeral. Powerful, delicate, funny and goddamn great."--Serge Bielanko, MARAH

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